What To Expect During Your First Internist Appointment

You’ve felt unwell for a while. All home remedies are tried and exhausted. It’s time to turn to professional help. You’ve made a choice – primary care asheboro nc. It’s your first internist appointment and it’s coming up fast. Feel a little nervous? Absolutely normal. Feel a bit inquisitive? Even better! This first visit might seem a bit like a mystery but don’t worry. It’s all part of the path to a healthier you.

Understanding an Internist

An internist is a doctor who specializes in internal medicine. They are detectives in the medical world. They diagnose and treat diseases in adults. They don’t perform surgeries. No, they’re masters of prevention and treatment.

The First Appointment

Your first appointment involves a thorough medical examination. Your internist wants to know you – inside and out. Your past illnesses, family history of diseases, lifestyle choices – it all matters. You’re not just a name on a file. You’re a unique individual with unique health needs.

Be Prepared

Bring all your medical records. Bring a list of your current medications. Don’t forget about over-the-counter drugs and supplements. Make a note of all your symptoms – even the ones you think are irrelevant. No piece of information is too insignificant.

Ask Questions

Feel free to ask questions. It’s your health, after all. What does this test mean? Why do I need it? How do I manage my condition? How do I prevent it from getting worse? A good internist will answer all your questions patiently.

What Happens Next?

After the examination, your internist will discuss the findings with you. They might order some tests. Blood tests, urine tests, imaging scans – depending on your health needs. They’ll guide you through the process. They’ll explain what to expect. They’re your partner in this journey to better health.


Regular follow-ups are part of the deal. Your internist will monitor your progress. They’ll tweak your treatment plan, if necessary. They’ll cheer for your victories and help you overcome your health challenges.

So, as your first appointment with your internist draws near, remember this: you’re about to embark on a journey. A journey towards better health. You’re not alone in this journey. You have a dedicated, knowledgeable, and compassionate internist by your side.