Navigating Screen for Life Services: Your Quick Guide

Screen for Life is a national screening programme in Singapore aimed at encouraging Singaporeans to go for regular health screenings and stay healthy. With a wide range of screening services and affordable rates, Screen for Life offers convenient access to preventive healthcare for individuals of all ages. This quick guide provides an overview of Screen for Life services and how to navigate them effectively.

Understanding Screen for Life

Screen for Life is an initiative by the Singapore government to promote preventive healthcare and encourage early detection of chronic diseases through regular health screenings. The programme offers subsidised screening packages for Singaporeans and permanent residents, making preventive healthcare more accessible and affordable for everyone.

Screen for Life focuses on screening for common chronic conditions such as diabetes, high blood pressure, and high cholesterol, as well as cervical and colorectal cancer.

Screen for Life Services

Screen for Life offers a range of screening services tailored to different age groups, risk factors, and health needs. These services include:

  1. Basic Health Screening: The Basic Health Screening package includes tests for blood pressure, body mass index (BMI), blood glucose, and cholesterol levels. It is recommended for individuals aged 18 to 40 years who are generally healthy and do not have known risk factors for chronic diseases.
  2. Enhanced Health Screening: The Enhanced Health Screening package includes additional tests such as kidney function, liver function, and urine analysis, in addition to the tests included in the Basic Health Screening package. It is recommended for individuals aged 40 years and above, or those with risk factors for chronic diseases.
  3. Women’s Health Screening: The Women’s Health Screening package includes tests for breast cancer, cervical cancer, and osteoporosis, as well as basic health screening tests. It is recommended for women aged 40 years and above, or those with specific risk factors for women’s health conditions.
  4. Men’s Health Screening: The Men’s Health Screening package includes tests for prostate cancer, colorectal cancer, and cardiovascular risk, in addition to basic health screening tests. It is recommended for men aged 40 years and above, or those with specific risk factors for men’s health conditions.

Navigating Screen for Life Services

  1. Registration and Appointment Booking: To access Screen for Life services, individuals can register online through the Screen for Life website or visit any participating polyclinic or general practitioner clinic. After registration, appointments can be booked for screening services at a convenient date and time.
  2. Selecting the Right Screening Package: Choose the screening package that best suits your age, gender, and health status. Consider factors such as family history, lifestyle habits, and existing medical conditions when selecting the appropriate screening package.
  3. Preparing for Your Screening Appointment: Follow any pre-screening instructions provided by Screen for Life, such as fasting requirements for blood tests or discontinuation of certain medications. Arrive at the screening centre on time and bring along any relevant identification documents or referral letters.
  4. Understanding Your Screening Results: After completing your screening tests, you will receive a comprehensive report detailing your screening results. Take the time to review and understand your results, and discuss any concerns or follow-up actions with your healthcare provider.


Screen for Life offers accessible and affordable screening services to help Singaporeans take charge of their health and well-being. By participating in regular health screenings, individuals can detect potential health issues early, make informed decisions about their health, and take proactive steps towards prevention and early intervention.

With its wide range of screening packages and convenient access points, Screen for Life makes preventive healthcare accessible to all Singaporeans, supporting the nation’s efforts towards building a healthier population.